With their own local and free resources, rural communities grow stronger!

what we do

A Better Living Starts with...

Food Self-Sufficiency

Harsh food shortages and hunger are frequent in the Teso region. Local resources can help regenerate soils, increase yields and net income for farmers.

135'000 trees planted

Trees are the best way to sequester carbon from the atmosphere. They also provide medicine, increase soil fertility and biodiversity.

Rocket Stoves Save Trees

Worldwide, 4 mio. people die each year due to the smoke of open fires in kitchens. Our rocket stoves minimize smoke and they reduce the use of firewood by 65%, whereby preventing deforestation locally.

40'000 youth reached

Self-reliance starts with education. We provided education to 40’000 students on the use of local resources.

our impact

Everyone deserves a Chance.

Many rural communities worldwide remain poor, despite available resources that could dramatically improve their lives.

We spread indigenous and scientific knowledge in agriculture to help them become self-sufficient and we plant thousands of trees. 

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