Rocket stoves

Save Trees

“The utmost dangerous thing that a woman can do in a developing country is cooking for her family”, said a WHO official. Worldwide, nearly half of the population cooks on open fires, while 4 million people die every year of diseases related to their smoke. This mortality rate is greater than the one of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis combined.

Local resources for better living

Benefits that Change Lives

Minimal Smoke

Women spend hours in their kitchen to feed their families. Our stoves remarkably reduce the dangerous smoke, and protects them from life-threatening diseases.

Fights Deforestation
In rural communities, firewood collection is one of the main threats against trees. The improved efficiency of our stoves reduce by 65% the use of wood, whereby reducting tree cutting.
Free To Replicate

For each stove installed, a youth is taught on the methods of construction, therefore gaining full operational knowledge. All materials are free, so there’s no limit for its reproducibility.

Our rocket stoves reduce by 65% the amount of firewood that is used in a homestead. Moreover, they enable families to make use of thin branches, rather than cutting whole trees in their search for logs. Finally, and most importantly, they reduce smoke to a negligible amount, where women spend the most amount of time in their kitchen cooking for their families.

The rocket stoves that we build are made of 100% free materials, of which 40% is termite mud, 30% sawdust and 30% home-made bricks. We build them free of charge for families and institutions, and we train youths on site in order for them to easily replicate our work.

Local Resources are free

Easy to make, free to remake

Building an improved stove takes 6 hours. All its materials are extremely widespread and available, in all regions of Busia county: termite mound soil, thin sawdust and local bricks (basically produced locally by anyone).

For every stove that we build, we teach a youth on site to enable him to reproduce our work easily. Within half a day of practical learning, he will now be able to replicate them in the neighborhood.

Made of local resources, it takes 6 hours to build an improved stove. We build our stoves free of charge with one condition only: the costumer has to select a youth, to be trained on building stoves. After one lesson, he is fully operational.

The cement produced by mixing termite mound soil with sawdust prevents cracks and can be molded to any shape and size.

As families in rural areas spend up to 20 hours per week searching for firewood, a reduction of 65% of it means a lot for them. Moreover, the thorough decrease of smoke results in a strong improvement in their home environment.