Our Story

In 2012, Julien Kauer went to run a projet in Malaba, Western Kenya, to assess the potential of an indigenous plant from the region, as a green manure for maize. There, he realised that the overwhelming poverty wasn’t much a question of lack of technology, but mostly of a lack of agricultural knowledge among the local formerly nomadic communities.

As he went back to Switzerland, he studied agricultural engineering. Two years after, he decided to quit, in order to go back to Malaba, and start a project, that would have an aim at making a 300-children primary school self-sufficient in food, through the use of local resources only.

In 2015, he lived in a traditional house and learned to speak fluent swahili. He was joined by a local team, who enabled the project to give birth to a community based organisation (C.B.O), hence giving it a much wider spectrum of action.

Today, EMAUA is starting a second self-sufficiency project; has sensitised over 40’000 youth on the use of local resources in agriculture and reforestation; and has planted 120’000 indigenous trees.