Combining indigenous and scientific knowledge

 Harsh food shortages and hunger are frequent in the Teso region, due to climate change, depletion of soil fertility and lack of cash. Local resources can help regenerate soils, increase yields and net income for farmers.

We combine indigenous and scientific knowledge to address the new challenges farmers are facing today. Ancient wisdom is fundamental to know the functions of each plant, and the modern scientific practices that we choose are both efficient and easy to implement.

Local resources for better living

How we work

Ancient wisdom and modern agricultural practices are gathered in terms of their capacity to address the challenges the farmers are facing.

Viability and challenges regarding those practices are tested in on-field trials.

When practices are proved to be viable, they are shared to rural communities and students through classes and forums.

our vision

What Do We Call Local Resources

Local resources are any resources found locally, from the soil itself to plants and fungi. We aim to gather the biggest possible knowledge on their use, because we believe that poverty in our region is more a matter of lack of knowledge than of lack of cash.

We currently work on

Innovating is our biggest wish, to make farmers' lives easier.

Worldwide, soils store more carbon that the atmosphere and all plants combined. And in a virtuous cycle, the more there is carbon in the soil, the higher the fertility, the water retention and the biodiversity.

We also aim to gather techniques that make farmers’ lives easier.


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