Who we are

EMAUA C.B.O is a Community Based Organisation, founded in 2015 and based in Malaba Kenya, that aims to develop technics for poor communities to live a better life. It started working since 2015 as an association striving for Isegeretoto's organic food self-sufficiency, the Association Isegeretoto. After some months and very successful results, it started spreading, whereby it is now teaching its organic farming technics countrywide in Kenya.


EMAUA finds the situational circumstances to present  advantages in the execution of community empowering activities. The main problematic being:

  • Addressing the levels of people living in critical poverty by improving food security, enhancing income generating activities and developing capacity of the member of the community.
  • Researching with a focus on development, various techniques and technologies that require locally available and affordable resources.
  • Addressing climate change through innovative climatic action and other environmental friendly practices (eg. agroforestry, soil organic matter content increase, etc.)
  • Integrating the traditional and modern development in order to achieve a better standard of life through efforts in education and knowledge dissemination, medicine and health, agricultural practices and soft engineering.


We currently run:

A 3-year organic food self-sufficiency project in a school of 250 children,with a production based on the use of local resources.

A program of sensitisation of the people of Teso North on the production of fertilisers, insecticides and traditional remedies based on the use of local resources. We achieved a number of 17,000 people (mainly between 12-18 years) in 2017.

An indigenous tree nursery of 25,000 trees that will be planted in schools and farms with the local community.