Who we are

EMAUA organisation is a local organisation based in Malaba, Kenya, that works on developing and spreading knowledge based on the use of local, free resources. Its main focus are food, access to health care and reforestation

Its mission is to provide means for low-earning communities of Western Kenya to increase their self-reliance. It is being supported by EMAUA Switzerland, that organises sensitisation events in Switzerland about the issue of local resources, and does fundraising for EMAUA's projects in Kenya.

It operates in the geographical coverage of Teso North sub-county, Busia county, in the Western Region of Kenya. Its headquarter is at Isegeretoto School in Malaba Kenya, where it runs an organic food self-sufficiency project since EMAUA’s beginnings in 2015.

What we do


We use agroecology to deal with farming productivity, ecological sustainability and community systems.

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Since 2015, we have undertaken deliberate steps to gather knowledge on herbal medicine practiced by traditional healers.

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Community education

Our strategy for sustainable impact in the community involves engaging the community in teaching and demonstrative forums.

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Trees can be used for medicine, agroforestry, food, construction, fuel etc. EMAUA aims to produce 25,000 trees in 2018.

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Energy Saving

We try to reduce the amount of fuel used, especially in our cooking techniques.

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